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Hopu optics is a high technology corporation which is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing measuring equipments for colorimetry, photometry and electricity. Our basic principle has been and will continue to be to provide excellent and reliable service and technical...More...
  • What can we do?

    Hopu Optics is determined to provide better products and services to its customers. Its principle is to meet the technical demands of the market by offering high quality and high-tech service. Featured by its optical-electro-mechanical Integration, Hopu is offering excellent products and technical support to companies in the domains of spectral, photometric measurement and production automatic detection and control.
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    Hopu keeps a close eye on the market information of relating areas and masters the future trend of the market. Driven by its endless pursuit for innovation and self-perfection, with sound quality assurance and after-sale service as its motto. Hopu has long be engaged in cooperation with light manufacturers, education institutions, quality assessment organizations and research organizations to assist them build up lab and supply equipments. Hopu has accumulated a lot of filed experience, capable of designing solutions to the measurement of various illuminants, according to different requirements.