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  • Hopu Optics Technology has long be engaged in cooperation with light manufacturers, education institutions, quality assessment organizations and research organizations to assist them build up labs and supply equipments. Thanks to that cooperation, it has accumulated a lot of filed experience.
  • It is now, capable of designing solutions to the photometric measurement of various LEDs and other luminaires, according to different requirements.
  • We will follow the principle of "Customer Upmost", recommending the most applicable instruments to users according to their investment capacity and factual needs, saving their cost. In this area, we list the key applications for our products.
  • LED Package measurement
  • Package LED measurement
  • LED measurement is import instrumentation for high reliability LED applications. It fully analyzes the performance of individual LED. Be used in quality management and analysis.
  • * LED Spectral & electronic measurement
    * LED Luminous intensity measurement
    * LED Junction temperature & thermal resistance measurement
  • Residential & Commercial Luminaire measurement
  • Luminaire Measurement
  • Light measurement plays an important role in the development of luminaires or special lightings, from colour and intensity distribution in different directions. Be used to measure photometric and colorimetric characteristics.
  • * Chromaticity, colour temperature, spectral, colour rendering, luminous flux etc measurement
    * View angle measurements & photometric measurement