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  • Hopu Optics Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise devoted to the research & development, production, distribution and service of photometric, colorimetric and electric instrumentation for LED and light measurement.
  • Our advantage: Hopu keeps a close eye on the market information of relating areas and masters the future trend of the market. Driven by its endless pursuit for innovation and self-perfection, with sound quality assurance and after-sale service as its motto and insists on being honest and judging itself by customers' satisfaction. Work towards greater customer satisfaction: We are going to work towards greater customer atisfaction. For the last 8 years, has been working towards making great products and technology. However, we have a greater goal of working with customers.
  • What can we do?
  • We are focused on offering you the reasonable & available LED Lamp/ LED Luminaire measurement solution to your needs.

    For LED measurement:

    * LED spectral & electrical test system

    * LED luminous intensity tester

    * LED goniophotometer

    * LED junction temperature test system

    * Integrating sphere

    For Luminaire measurement:

    * Luminaire goniophotometer

    * Spectroradiometer

    * Spectrometer, spectrophotometer

    * Photometer, colorimeter
    * Integrating sphere
  • All products in our offer are 100% Original, no copies, no fakes!
  • The value we add to customers:
  • Hopu has long be engaged in cooperation with light manufacturers, education institutions, quality assessment organizations and research organizations to assist them build up labs and supply equipments. Thanks to that cooperation, it has accumulated a lot of filed experience. It is now, capable of designing solutions to the measurement of various LEDs and other lights, according to different requirements.