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  • Goniophotometer with Type C geometrical construction

  • Double pillars structure (B-β, A-α plane coordinates): Mainly be used to measure FL etc. When installing luminaires, the lighting center of luminare and the rotating center of rotating table shall be at the same position. In B-Β coordinates, luminaire axis is superposed with the horizontal axis of rotating table. In A-Α coordinates, luminaire axis is […]
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  • We have got Kazakhstan Recognised.

  • The Photometric and goniophotometric measurement system have got Recognised by Kazakhstan Government. This is government tender project of led measurement system, and also is the first oversea tender of Hopu Optics.
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  • What’s LM79 and LM80 standards?

  • With the new lighting options coming on to the market due to the new laws from the Energy Independence and Security Act (E.I.S.A) there are some new terms associated to some different lighting types. With LEDs being one of the slickest lighting options available right now, the terminology and testing associated with them can be […]
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  • Knowledge of LED Junction Temperature

  • 1. What is LED junction temperature? The basic structure of the LED is a semiconductor P-N junction. The experiments indicate that the P-N junction temperature will rise, and when the current flows through the LED element, the strict sense, put the P-N junction region of temperature is defined as the junction temperature of the LED. Usually due […]
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  • Issued successful Goniophotometer with rotating mirror

  • HPG2000 Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror meets LM-79 Clause 9.3.1. This an automatic light intensity distribution measurement system. Its measuring distance meets 5m to 30m. It can measure all types of luminaires, such as indoor & outdoor luminaires, roadway lighting, street lamps and other kinds of luminaires.
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  • Explain for LED Luminous Efficacy of White LED

  • The responses of human eyes to the “brightness” and “color” of light is a subjective quantity within the range of psychophysics. CIE has created a unified method for evaluation and dissemination of the value of quantity after carrying out numerous psychological and physical experiments. The luminescent efficiency, spectral power distribution and colorimetric parameter are major […]
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