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  • Digital AC/DC Power Meter

    Digital AC/DC Power Meter

    HP series digital power meter is a new generation of intelligent product using digital sampling technology to have waveform quantitative analysis on the signal. This AC/DC power meter is designed for related AC or DC power measurement. This electric meter provided with a four windows for displaying measurement values.
  • Digital CC & CV DC Power Supply

    Digital CC & CV DC Power Supply

    This DC series power supply is specially designed for the standard lamp with high stability, high accuracy, voltage and current adjustable and simple operation.The power supply has high accuracy current and voltage digital displayer. It particularly suits to high-precision test sites.
  • PWM AC Power Supply

    PWM AC Power Supply

    The THP series has protection function for short circuit, over current and over voltage or over heat to ensure the reliable run. It realizes the integrative of source and meter with high measurement accuracy and good reliability. The user can select the proper power according actual conditions.